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Do you need your low credit score fixed?

Have you ever been denied a home mortgage due to a low FICO score?  Have you been denied a credit card or, granted one only with an outrageous interest rate? What about your insurance premiums? Are you paying higher rates than you should be? Have you been denied a job because of items on your credit report lowered your score?
In addition to enormous savings on monthly payments, including thousands of dollars in savings over the life of a mortgage , many of our clients now have the freedom that a good credit rating provides no more embarrassing credit turn downs and job application denials; Our clients not only do they save on monthly payments, but qualifying for lower interest rates saves thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.


By working with our firm to remove misleading, erroneous and inaccurate items from your credit report, you can raise your score  save hundreds of dollars in monthly payments, and get the new home you desire.


Simply provide us with your personal information and credit reports so that we can represent you accurately as we take your case to the credit bureaus and work to improve your credit score!


-Timely results provided through attorney's and paralegal representing your case.

-Each disputer has 5-10 years of experience working with credit reports and the credit bureaus.

-Lowest monthly cost. By utilizing today's technology and applying the high impact procedures developed by our law firm, we can offer our powerful services for a very low price.

-Our service is risk-free! We take the risk upon ourselves by offering a simple way for you to get your monthly payments back if we are not able to improve your credit score!

-You may call our toll free phone number at any time! Speak to your paralegal or one of our qualified representatives at no additional cost to you!

-You may cancel the service at any time. You can enjoy the service month to month, but you are free to cancel the service at any time without fees or penalties.

-We provide you with a monthly newsletter packed with valuable credit tips and information, our newsletter helps guide you to your desired financial future.

-Your credit score is your most important financial asset! Let a small investment in our services build you a better financial future.
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