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Tips On Qualifying For The Best Mortgage Rates


Todays real estate market is tougher then ever, with foreclosures on the rise many lenders have tightened up and are being very selective who they borrow money to. Even in the current tough market interest rates on mortgages still remain fairly low and attractive to both buyers and home owners looking to refinance for a lower rate. If you are actively seeking the best mortgage interest rates you should educate yourself about how your interest rate is actually determined and steps you can take to get the best interest rate on your next home loan. This article will examine how to get the lowest mortgage rates that you qualify for.

First, take a ook at your credit report and check for any errors reported. Are old accounts still showing on your credit? Check to see that everything on your credit report is indeed yours. You then can take steps to improve your credit rating.

While your credit score not the only factor in determining your mortgage rate, it is one of the most important factors to help you qualify for the best mortgage rates that are available. Some tips to improve your credit score are to pay your bills on time, never borrow more than 50% of your credit limit on any credit card, do not apply for every credit offer you see, do not close credit card accounts when you pay them off (simply cut them up if you don't want to use them), and try to limit your credit usage to what you need and not what you want. By following these simple steps on credit usage, you should be able to maintain a high credit score to help insure that you are on your way to qualifying for the best mortgage rates that are available.


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