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Speed-Up The Refinance Process

Whatever your reason to refinance, time is often of the essence.

Here are a few ways you can expedite your refinance loan application:

-Ensure your mortgage application if completely filled out. Incomplete mortgage apps have a funny way of ending up at the bottom of the processor or lender underwriter’s pile. The best way to do this is to…

-Attach or provide copies of all related documents, including any income verification (paystubs and W2‘s; 2 year tax returns if your self-employed), current mortgage statements, homeowner’s insurance info, along with any other items your broker may outline for you. The lender may also request additional documentation throughout the loan process until your loan funds. The quicker you get these items to your broker, the better.

- Don’t submit your loan application to several different brokers. Each loan application you complete can prompt its own set of title and pay-off requests, along with additional credit inquiries. Of course, shopping for the best broker is an excellent idea, but once you decide on your mortgage specialist, stick with them and let them shop your loan for you.

-Don’t get greedy. Interest rates can go up as easily as they can go down. Talk to your broker about locking your interest rate, and then lock it. Putting off the loan because you think mortgage rates may go down "one-hundredth of one percent" could turn out to be a costly game to play.

-Facilitate your home‘s appraisal. For instance, provide a floor plan if you have it, or copies of permits for any approved additions or improvements you’ve made to the property since you purchased it.

There are steps you can take to help speed up the refinance process.

1. Gather all documents that are needed by lender as soon as possible.
2. Order a loan payoff as soon as possible.
3. Update your Insurance
4. Return all application documents as soon as possible to lender.

Let your Mortgage Professional know the best time to reach you if any additional information is needed as well as give them a good day and time to schedule the appraisal. Give your mortgage professional the main number of your employer's human resources department to verify employment.

During the refinance process its important not open any new credit card accounts, make large purchases on your credit card or apply for another installment loan. These actions can cause credit inquiries on your account and can negatively impact your score, which may be to low for the program that your mortgage professional was originally going to qualify you for. This can delay the refinance process since a new program will have to be researched to meet your goals.


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