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Should I have a home inspection done
"Should I have a home inspection done" is a very commonly asked question for many home buyers, new and experienced. This question has many answers. I would highly recommend having a home inspection done for many reasons. The first reason you should have a home inspection done is to make sure the home is sound and there are no major problems with the home. You do not want to move into a home and find out that there were some major problems or defects that could have been caught with a home inspection of the house before you purchased it, and now you are going to have to repair them and pay thousands of dollars out of your own pocket.

Consider the money spent on a home inspection an investment in your financial future. A few hundred spent now can save thousands later on down the road!

Even if you don't end up buying the home that you've had inspected, you will still have to pay the inspection fee. For example, if the inspection tells you that the home might not be in very good shape, and you decide not to buy it, you are still liable for the cost of the inspection. You might consider this a risk, but in reality it's the opposite. Even if you end up paying for two or three inspections, you will save money over having to make costly repairs down the road. And the peace of mind that you get from knowing your home is in good shape will be worth the cost to have the inspection.

Shop around and find your own Home Inspector, do not just use the one your real estate agent recommends. Some companies have a warrantee or guarantee on their reports. In some cases if a major system they inspected has problems or needs repairs they will cover the cost if it was not identified as a potential problem in the inspection report.

The cost of a home inspection is minimal compared to the potential cost of an unknown defect in your new home. Ask your loan officer or real estate agent for the telephone number of a respected home inspector in your area.

If you are in a state where termite is common problem, it is always a good idea to include the termite inspection along with the regular inspection to avoid future problem.

A home inspection is an important part of the homebuying process. Be sure to include a satisfactory home inspection contingency in your purchase contract. This will protect you in the event a major problem is discovered during the home inspection.

Home inspections will not only reveal major problems that may affect your decision to buy the home. They may also reveal smaller maintenance issues that will affect how you soon or often you service some items in your future home such as a furnace or water heater.

Major flaws are not uncommon, especially in older homes, and you’ll want to know what they are up-front.
The home inspector is an objective third party who essentially gives your house a complete physical. He or she examines the property and reports on the condition of the structure and systems of the house.


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