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Paying off Holiday Bills

Paying off Holiday Bills - There are a variety of "smart" ways to pay off all of your holiday bills and credit cards which will allow you to save money and provide other financial benefits. One such way is to refinance your home mortgage and combine all of your debt into the new mortgage loan. Most of the time this can save you a lot of money from your monthly expenses, provide you with a bigger interest deduction at tax time, and save you the time and trouble of paying numerous bills each and every month. There are many different types of refinancing programs available so ask a mortgage consultant which program might be right for you.

If faced with large amounts of debt, whether from Christmas or previous, you should find a way to restructure your debt into as small of a monthly payment as possible. This increases your monthly cash flow. To take it a step further, you should have a plan in place to quickly eliminate all debt. If you use the monthly savings and apply it towards the new mortgage, you can have all of your debts paid off in 5-7 years. This is the best way to become financially independent. If you simply restructure your debt and don't apply the savings to paying down your debt, all you are doing is extending the amount of time it will take to pay off your debt.

Many people have trouble paying off holiday bills. If you fall behind on your credit card payments it can be detrimental to your credit score. Refinancing to consolidate your credit card debt can help improve your cash flow.

After the holidays many homeowners find themselves with extensive credit card debt.
The interest rates on credit cards are always in the double digits, and often over 20%.
By consolidating this debt into your mortgage, you are able to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

With minimum payments on credit cards higher that they have ever been, it makes sense to call Home Jones at 415-617-5448 today to see if you can consolidate and save.

Another alternative for paying off holiday or other credit card bills would be to refinance into a pay option loan program. The pay option loan program give you the flexibilty to make full, interest only or less than interest due payments. When you elect to make the lower payments, you can use the extra cash flow to pay higher amounts on your other monthly bills. Flexibility is the key, however with the flexibility comes an added dimension of cash management.

A home equity loan or line of credit also allows homeowners who have extensive credit card debt accumulated over the year and holiday season some flexibility in their consolidation approach. These loans are similar to conventional loan products and may benefit a home owner by offering low rates and flexible payment options.

In addition to reducing monthly payments, refinancing is a smart way of managing your debt. Credit cards typically carry very high interest rates, and the interest is not tax deductible. Therefore converting credit card debt to mortgage debt will allow you to use the interest paid as a tax write off, saving you money in more ways than one!

What a great time to discuss with a mortgage broker how you can take advantage of the equity in your home and have the most stress free holiday possible!

One of the most popular new ways to really take the edge off of holiday spending is to refinance using a minimum payment loan with no payments over the introductory period. That's right, ask your mortgage professional about these programs, which offer no payments and no interest for 90 days or more.

Your mortgage broker can also set up your new loan so you will have no payments for 2 months. This will help put a little extra money in your pocket for the new year!

Remember when consolidating your credit card debt into a home equity loan, you are not only saving money because of a lower interest rate, but also because of the difference between compound and simple interest.

Refinance away those holiday blues! - With the holidays fast approaching, what better time to call a mortgage broker and ask him to show you how to use the equity in your home to take the stress out of the holiday season!

Consult a tax professional to see how a refinance may benefit your personal income tax situation.

The secret to paying off debt it to aggressively attack your principle balances. This can be done spending the same amount of money each month that you already spend if you use a home equity loan. The concept is simple. Combine all of your debts into one low monthly payment. Then use the savings to pay down the principal balance. You will be debt free in 5-7 years.

There are many options for refinancing that can make your holidays better. You may want to use the equity in your home to consolidate holiday bills. Another option is to refinance to lower your monthly mortgage payments, this frees up more cash that you can use towards paying down credit cards.

When you refinance your home you are typically able to skip at least one mortgage payment, helping to free up a significant amount of money in the short term. Some programs even allow you to defer payments for up to 6 months!

The best part is that the interest will all be tax deductible when you pay off your credit cards with a refinance!


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