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Often times when a person is applying for a mortgage online they become confused and unsure about some of the questions on the mortgage form. While most of the information on the application is very basic some of the wording may confuse people. This article give you the mortgage form help you are looking for so you can complete your online mortgage application.

The First Page

The first page on the loan application cover your basic information. This includes your name, address date of birth and social security number. The first page will also ask for place of employment, list your prior 2 years of work history.

It also covers basic information about your property. Some people are unsure about the value of their homes and sometimes pause on this question. This will be determined later so just answer the property related questions to the best of your knowledge. The first page is normally very easy to understand for most people and is easily completed.

The Second Page

The Second Page starts by asking for current employment information for the borrower and co-borrower. You will need to fill in the last two years of your work history.

Below the employment information is where you fill out all the income you receive through employment, overtime, bonus, dividends, rental income or other sources. Other sources of income include social security, disability, VA, alimony, etc.

You will also fill out your present housing expenses, including mortgage, insurance, taxes, mortgage insurance and HOA dues. If you are unsure what the current payment breakdown is, look on your current mortgage coupon. A mortgage proffessional can help you finds that information.


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