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More affordable mortgage payment

More affordable mortgage payment - Is your monthly mortgage payment too high? Are you wondering if it would be possible to get a more affordable mortgage payment? The good news is that not only can we likely lower your mortgage payment, we may also be able to help you use the equity in your home to lower your overall monthly bills.

Negative amortization loans are a popular choice for borrowers who seek to reduce their monthly mortgage spending for a short period of time by deferring interest for 2, 3 or years.

Try to make sure that once you obtain a more affordable mortgage payment that you do not fall into a cycle where you will need to refinance again in a year or two. Take the time with your mortgage professional to outline a specific plan for the future.

By refinance only the rate and term of your mortgage you will qualify for better terms than if you were taking cash out. If cash out is not an issue and you want a lower payment be sure to ask you mortgage broker about a rate and term only refinance.

Borrowers can get a more affordable monthly payment today. Lenders have loan programs such as interest only, pay option, 40 year amortization and 50 year amortization loans. These loans enable borrowers to lower their monthy payment but come with some drawbacks that they need to consider.

There are numerous different mortgage loan programs out there to help people who are in a bind, people who need to create a more positive monthly cash flow, and people who just simply need or want a more affordable mortgage payment. One example of a program that is designed to help people lower their monthly mortgage payment is an interest only mortgage loan. With this type of loan you can usually save hundreds of dollars off of your monthly mortgage payment just by refinancing into this type of loan, even if your interest rate stays the same as where it currently is. Interest only loans are not for everyone, but they are good for certain consumers with certain needs. Consult a mortgage professional today to find out more about lowering your monthly mortgage payments.

By leveraging the equity from your home, you can pay off high interest credit card balances and car notes, thus maximizing your tax benefits by writing off interest paid on your primary residence.


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