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Homeowners insurance is required on all homes that have a mortgage on them. Lenders require homeowners insurance because they want to make sure their investment is protected. If your home was to burn down in a fire or something devastating was to happen to your home, the lender will want to make sure you have insurance to cover the amount of damage, rebuild your home, and/or pay the mortgage off. The lender wants to make sure your collateral for the mortgage loan protected.

Insurance is a required part of home ownership. A home is a large investment so you should have enough insurance to protect you against any catastrophes.

Insurance quote websites allow homeowners who are considering taking out home owner's insurance to shop for the lowest home insurance premiums by comparing multiple insurance companies simultaneously

Make sure to work closely with your insurance agent although home insurance does cover your home and everything inside, it sometimes gives you a limit on the amount that it will cover for things like jewelry, and other things that are commonly stolen from people’s homes.

Ask your current agent about multiple policy discounts if you have other policies with the company.

Although lenders require insurance, many homeowners are under insured. Many remodeling projects increase the replacement value of your home. If your insurance coverage is not increased, the home will be under insured. If you have, or are considering, remodeling your home, you should contact your insurance agent to be sure you have adequate coverage.

You get a free insurance quotes when you apply for a new mortgage. Insurance agents will shop for the best free insurance quote for you and your needs. Remember, a higher deductible usually means a lower monthly insurance payment.

Homeowners insurance protects policy holders against the loss of the homes user, loss occurring in your home, and loss of your personal possessions in the home.

Title insurance protects the lender and, optionally, the homeowner from undiscovered liens affecting ownership of the property. If you are buying an investment property, consider purchasing extended coverage title insurance that will help protect your growing equity in the property rather than just the original sale amount.

The cost of homeowners insurence often depends on what it would cost to replace the house and which additional riders—additional items to be insured—are attached to the policy.

Insurance plays many important roles in the loan process. Insurance is needed to protect the collateral called Homeowners Insurance. Title Companies issue insurance policies to protect the Homeowner and lender against future ownership claims. Lenders sometimes require Private Mortgage Insurance on loans with LTVs over 80%.


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