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How Do I Stop Foreclosure

How do I stop foreclosure? This is becoming an increasingly common question these days as the number of foreclosures throughout the nation are hitting record numbers. In July of 2007, there were over 170,000 foreclosures filed, which is up over 93% from July 2006. If your home is about to go, or has gone, into foreclosure you still have options.

The last thing a lender wants is your home and the expense of auctioning it off, they want to have you pay your payment. The loss mitigation department will be your best resource to help you stop foreclosure. As soon as you know you are going to be late contact this department and work out a payment plan to get yourself current. If you had an ARM that adjusted recently they may work with you on a plan to keep your payments affordable.

You may be in a situation where there is no way you can possibly afford to stay in your home. If you have equity at stake the best financial route may be a sale or a possible short sale. Id you decide you must sale you should contact a trusted real estate agent for an opinion on the price of your home for it to sale before foreclosure.

Please check into the legal aspects in your state for lease back

One step that you should take when you think you are facing foreclosure is to contact your lender. It is possible to enter into a forebearance agreement where the lender agrees to delay your mortgage payments for a certain period of time. You will still be required to make those payments at a later date but a forebearance angreement can help prevent foreclosure.

A sale-leaseback option may be a solution if your have run out of other options. Many mortgage professionals can refer you to a reputable company that specialize in sale-leaseback programs.


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