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FHA Manual Underwriting


Some lenders will not touch an FHA loan that can not be approved through an automated underwriting system, and some have started to require minimum credit score requirements. However, there are quite a few lenders who will manually underwrite FHA loans.

A manually underwritten FHA loan is a when the automated system will not approve the loan and it is actually reviewed by live person. A manual underwritten loan is often required for borrowers with special circumstances or for other things that need explaining and can be backed up by proof. After the explanations are submitted along with any proof the underwriter can approve the loan based on their discretions or ask for any additional information needed to make a decision.

Understanding what or how the underwriter is looking for in the submissions package, can
greatly improve the approval percentage for the loan. The credit decision is based on a thorough analysis of the entire loan and not any one single factor. The components of underwriting are as follows:

Loan-to-Value, Transaction Type and Eligible Properties
A primary measurement of risk for a lender is the loan-to-value (LTV). LTV ratios are
limited by the transaction and property type.

Ability to Repay the Loan
Careful consideration is given in the analysis of the borrower’s ability to repay the loan

Willingness to Repay the Loan
The history of a borrower’s payment habits, with other creditors, will enable the underwriter to determine the willingness to repay the loan.

Another FHA processing underwriting issue is the common mistake regarding assets has already been mentioned. The assets must be verifiably liquid. For this reason, FHA guidelines require that the loan file include proof that the assets would be available to the borrower without being fired or dying.


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