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Doctor Mortgage


There are many great mortgage programs available to doctors who are either purchasing or refinancing a home in WI.

Did you know you could use your Professional Title to start a Private Practice. Some Lenders are giving away 100% loans to help certain Medical facilites to start up or upgrade there older facilites. Contact me today and find out how these programs can benefit your private practice and get you started on your own dream.

Many doctors require what are called Jumbo Mortgage Loans because their mortgages on their homes are over the conventional guideline limits. Many jumbo mortgage loans will require that a second appraisal be done on the home to better insure the value of the home is accurate. Therefore, if you are a doctor and interested in buying an expensive home, do not be alarmed if you are notified that 2 appraisals are required on your home. This is common practice and is nothing to raise concern over. Doctor mortgages are quite similar to mortgages for everybody else, however, in many occasions a 2nd appraisal may be required.

Whether you are a
Self employed doctor who runs his/her own practice
A partner in a practice
Employed at a practice or a clinic
Employed at a hospital or health center
If you are not a doctor and own or run any of these facilities
If you are a doctor and do not work with/at any of these facilities
A mixture of any or more of these arrangements,
There are tailor fit mortgage programs available for you.

Please call 415-617-5448 or email [email protected] for more information.


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