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Credit Repair Companies
Credit Repair Companies - There are numerous companies and attorney services that offer to repair or "clean-up" a consumers credit report.

Many of them are scams and rip offs and the credit repair industry in general has a very poor reputation.

There are, however, a few companies that provide a ligitimate service in assisting consumers with the very confusing and complicated process of removing incorrect information from their credit reports.

In some cases, it may be to the borrowers benefit to consider employing such a company before doing a mortgage loan. Consultation with a qualified, experienced mortgage professional can often assist the borrower in making such a decision.

Since many financial decisions are based upon ones credit, it is wise to review your credit report at least once if not twice a year. The cheapest way is to contact either Experian, Transunion, or Equi. and have them provide you with a copy of your credit report. Generally, these will not contain your actual scores, but they will provide insight to your current history. To obtain scores, you can pay a number of financial services to provide you with a trimerged report. This would be advisable to do so whenever you are going to make a significant financial decision such as refinancing and purchasing a house.

Speak to your mortgage professional about what Credit Repair Company to use.

Your mortgage professional in most cases will have a company they use on a regular basis. This is an important part of a mortgage business which helps with people who are credit challenged.

There are many things you can do on your own to "fix" your credit or to rebuild your credit.

There are different types of 100% loans. You can either get 1 loan for 100% or an "80/20" loan. Speak to your mortgage professional to see which program is best for you!

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