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Average National Credit Score
Credit is said to be a system of buying and selling without immediate payment or security. Credit may be in the form of credit cards or loans.

Any individual who desires to process a credit card or loan application will have to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the ...

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How Does Your Home Stack Up
As they say, You can never be too rich or too thin.  Well, medical science is definitely disagreeing with that last part, but in this world, it seems that indeed, you simply cannot be too rich.  There is no end to the amount of possessions you can have, toys you can buy, upgrades you can g ...
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Improving Credit History
Improving your credit history is basically about doing the opposite to that which caused you to get a bad credit history in the first place. You got a bad credit history by not making good the debt that you owed to other people either on late payments or failure to make the payments at all. Th ...
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How Market Conditions Affect Interest Rates
When the Chairman of the Federal Reserve lowers “rates,” he lowers the “Federal Funds” rate. It's the interest rate at which large banks lend funds to one another and is a “short-term” rate. Mortgage interest rates are long-term, up to 30 years. Longer-term interest rates are sensitive to expectatio ...
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Effects Of Bad Credit House Loans
Many home owners across north America are facing the harsh realities of not being able to refinance their bad credit house loans. For many years homes were purchased with little or no money down and loans were given to borrowers with credit problems. Many of these people are now unable to refina ...
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Pros And Cons Of Borrowing Against Your House
Borrowing against your house has many pros and cons associated with it. So before you embark on any refinance transaction to pay down debt you should take a little time to think about your situation and if refinancing is really the answer. The main benefit to using equity in your home to pay off ...
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Was Your Mortgage Declined-The Common Reasons Why
its a bad phone call to get, the one from your loan officer telling you that you have a declined mortgage refinance loan! First frustration sets in then you probably wonder why your loan got declined! Why Home Loans Get Declined Generally when a home loan gets turned down in underwriti ...
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Different Types Of Home Loans
There are many different types of home loans available for current and potential home owners. In fact the amount of loan programs that have become available can seem a little overwhelming to some borrowers. While there are exotic mortgage plans on the market most borrowers will benefit from the old ...
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Effective Tips For Fixing Your Own Credit
If you have bad credit and dismiss it as no big deal you have no idea what you are setting yourself up for. Bad credit can cost you more then just loan approvals, it can cost you big money. Not only will you pay higher rates for any type of loan but now more then ever before insurance companies and ...
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Doctor Mortgage
There are many great mortgage programs available to doctors who are either purchasing or refinancing a home in WI. ...
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Discover How To get a Good Loan With Bad Credit
In America today consumers are more in debt then ever before, with that large debt comes an increase in bankruptcies, missed payments. Even if you can get back on track and pay your debt down you are still left with battle scarred credit. This makes buying a home with a traditional mortgage next to ...
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Dishonest Mortgage Broker Tricks Revealed
Most home mortgages in America are now originated by mortgage brokers instead of the traditional banks and credit unions. It is safe to assume that 99% of these mortgage brokers are honest and professional, but like any large industry there are always bad apples in the bunch. When these crooked brok ...
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The Cold Hard Facts About a Late Mortgage Payment
It seems you cannot go anywhere today without hearing about the housing crisis and people losing their homes to foreclosure. These home owners did not get this way overnight, it usually started with an increased adjustable mortgage rate that caused one late mortgage payment they could never recover ...
(Posted: 7/6/2008 8:05:46 AM) Permanent Link
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