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Application Pacakge
Application Pacakge - An application package or loan package consists of several forms and disclosures that are required by the lenders and may contain state specific disclosures. These forms are required by all lenders and you should have a professional walk you through each form to explain what it is and its purpose. While you will be required to provide information for these forms at the start of the process and required to sign them they are not a binding agreement. These forms will need to be signed again at closing. While the majority of the information will remain static from start to finish some changes should be expected because at the beginning of the process some aspects of the transactions may not be finalized.

Also, make sure you receive a copy of all documents that you sign for your records.

Most disclosures such as the GFE and TIL along with state and federal disclosures are required to be delivered to the borrower within 72 hours of signing the application (1003).

Make sure you go over the information with your loan officer to make sure that all pages that need to be signed are sighed. Not signing a required document may delay your loan

There are different types of 100% loans. You can either get 1 loan for 100% or an "80/20" loan. Speak to your mortgage professional to see which program is best for you!

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