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7 Reasons to Own A Home

Seven Different Reasons To Own Your Own Home

Youve probably seen lots of financial arguments about why you should own your own home rather than rent. This includes budgeting (no rent increases) and the tax savings youll most likely have. Now were going to give you some reasons you probably havent heard.

#1:Freedom to pursue other goals in life once the major goal of home ownership is achieved.

Strange as it sounds, many of our first-time buyers have told us that once they bought the house, other things in their life started to fall into place. Its as if not owning took so much of their mental energy that other goals were not worked on until that big goal was reached. So buy a home and get on with your life!

#2: A greater sense of belonging to the community.

Once you own a home, you feel more attached to the city in which you live. Youre more interested in what happens in town, to the roads, schools, and shopping areas. Some people even become involved in local politics.

#3: A commitment to something, a sense of stability.

Home ownership is an anchor, something that cannot be pulled out from under you. Youll never get a notice that you have to move. Youre kids will never have to change schools. It gives you freedom to plan years ahead.

#4: You can change things, a feeling of being in control.

Its your home. You can add to it, remodel it, change the landscaping, you can do whatever projects you want. You have a feeling of being in control of something in your life. At work we dont always have control of what happens, but your home is your castle and you have dominion over it. You can see what youre building take shape before your eyes.

#5: More control over the children than in an apartment complex

In a neighborhood, kids usually play in the yards or go to friends houses a few doors away. Our clients have told us that in an apartment complex they never knew where the kids were. They could be in any of hundreds of apartments, doing who knows what. In a home you get to know the neighbors and watch out for each others kids.

#6: Children do better in school and feel more secure.

This one surprised us, but buyers have reported to us that their kids calmed down in school after they bought a house. We dont know why, but it seems to work that way. We remember a single mom watching her son play in the yard, making steps in the slope and building things. She didnt have to tell him to leave everything alone, like she did at the apartment complex. I guess kids feel the same need for control we adults do.

#7: Time and money saved by not going to the Laundromat.

A small point, but if you have kids, you know the value of this one. You gain a whole evening a week when you buy a house! The wash gets done in between other things, or while youre at work. What would you do with the extra evening youll have? How about going out for dessert with your spouse with all those quarters?

When renting a home you are paying someone else's mortgage. When paying your own mortgage, you are, in a sense, paying yourself. The equity gained on owning a home usually outweighs the losses in principle and interest payments, so by the time you sell your home you are making a profit rather than simply moving to a new rental property.


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